Congregational News and Updates

Congregational News and Updates

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200 Church School Years

The Church School is celebrating it’s 200th anniversary this year! On Sunday, April 21st, the kids met at Academy Hill at 9am. Deenie Burgess, Church Historian led a walking tour and taught us about our church school history.  Then we walked back down to the church to continue class. Thank you Deenie for sharing our church’s history with us!
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Welcome Ken

The Music Committee is excited to announce that  that Kenneth Richards, SPC has committed to work with our congregation as a long-term substitute musician. Ken has a many years of experience as an Organist, Vocalist, &  Choir Director. While he continues to work toward higher level certification thru the American Guild  of Organists (AGO), he teaches vocal students at Worcester Music Academy. We believe he has much to offer, and we will learn a lot from him as we look toward the future. Ken…
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Confirmation Program

Four youth are committed to the Confirmation program this winter and spring and began meeting in late December.  This program has all of the core conversation/exploration components                accustomed to in this congregation, though it is structured a bit differently,        relying on some Conference resources to make the program more robust in       response to our, and Pastor Stacey’s, capacity to facilitate the program. Topics  will include: understanding membership in the local church, the United Church of Christ and the diversity of…
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Giving Tree 2023

A message from the Christian Outreach Committee     Thank you all for your response to our annual giving tree toy drive! This year we again used the ease of Amazon to our advantage and easily met the needs of children who could use a little extra joy this holiday season. The Christian Outreach Committee partnered with the Community Healthlink residential recovery homes, where children are going through the re-unification process with their mothers.  With your help we were able to fulfill all…
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Celebrate the Holidays with Music

Have you ever thought of singing in a church choir, but thought it was too big of a commitment? or Do you play a musical instrument, but prefer doing so in your comfort zone? If you answer yes to questions like these, then we have an opportunity for you. The Music Committee is inviting you to join us in a holiday musical offering, which will be part of the Worship Services on December 24th (both 9:30 & Christmas Eve @…
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The Outreach Giving Tree

The Christian Outreach Committee is kicking off our annual Giving Tree project and this year we have decided to support the Residential Reunification Homes run by   Community Healthlink whom we worked with last year.  These three homes, two in Worcester and one in Leominster, are residential treatment  programs that provide a safe, supportive recovery community and promotes a sense of  empowerment, family healing, and life skills essential for women and their children to stabilize and reunify their family units.  These programs support and…
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Who, What, Where, When, Why and How? These questions can apply to many problems that crop up in our lives.  They particularly apply to incidents or accidents that affect us, at home, at work, at play and at church. Hence, the INCIDENT REPORT.  Let’s examine these criteria as they apply to filling out the report. WHO is anyone who has been involved in an incident or accident relating to a church activity; a child in Sunday School, an adult in…
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Thanksgiving Food Collection – 2023

     Thankfully we have been able to make necessary adjustments to the current new normal, and some things have not changed.  Poverty and homelessness still exist.  People have lost jobs or had their income reduced resulting in more need for shelters and food pantries.      We are fortunate to have the Westminster Community Food Pantry housed in our church. In a recent conversation with Dorcas Hurd, Director of the Westminster Community Food Pantry, she expressed great appreciation for everything our…