Congregational News and Updates

Congregational News and Updates

Update on Mums

 We would like to celebrate the beauty of Fall with our annual display of chrysanthemum plants given in memory or in honor of loved ones. The mums will be placed in front of our church decorating the front steps. The Westminster Pharmacy is looking for a provider for mums which they don’t have as of this writing.  When we know a price for the mums we will send out a MailChimp as well as including it in the bulletin.

Steadfast Hope

Focus on the Why As this year’s Generous Giving Ministry will focus on Steadfast Hope, why do you choose to give? What has this past year of pandemic life taught you about your own giving practices? Everyone has their own, personal reasons for why they give, or times when they can’t give. Wherever you are in your giving journey, focus on your why. Here are some ideas to help you think about your why: It’s where I experience the transforming…

Big Basket Raffle

The First Congregational Church Basket Raffle is back! The Westminster Cracker Festival is on Saturday, October 16, 2021, so our church will be there! We have had successful raffles in the past so we look forward to participating in this community event again. Donna Molet will be the basket coordinator for this year.Let’s all think “outside of the basket” and find unique containers for our themed basket raffle.  Any interesting basket, bowl, platter, holiday container, pot, etc. can be dropped off…