Congregational News and Updates

Congregational News and Updates

April COVID 19 Update

The Response Team which is made up of the Pastor, Moderator, Staff, and representatives of Diaconate,   Trustees, and Safe Church have been meeting regularly since the beginning of the pandemic.  We monitor trends in the progression of the virus thru various agencies such as the CDC, Southern New England UCC Conference, and Federal and State covid Safety Standards.  We are currently reviewing the information, forms, and protocols that we have been working on since the onset of the virus in…
One Great Hour Of Sharing

One Great Hour of Sharing – 2021

  This year’s theme for One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) is “Let Love Flow.”  March 14, 2021 is the date we will be receiving the offering.  “Nobody hungry, nobody thirsty” is the hope of God in Isaiah.  It is also the hope of this One Great Hour of Sharing and caring.  With the gifts of our hearts, we let love flow, like new well-water to a thirsty village; for crops, for cooking, for life! Prayerfully consider how you may give.  God…

Say Please and Thank you!

Notes from Generous Giving Ministry As a new committee member and incoming chair of the Generous Giving Ministry committee, I want to express my immense gratitude to the current members and its past chair, Jim Tamulen. His leadership and commitment have led this church through many, many successful Generous Giving campaigns through the years, and as incoming chair, I seek to listen and learn from him and the current committee about how to best serve this church and this community in this…
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