Generous Giving Ministry

Generous Giving Ministry

What is a pledge?

A pledge is a written document that outlines your intention to donate a specific amount of money to the church during the coming year. Pledges are paid at whatever interval is convenient for you. Most members choose to donate weekly when the offering plate is passed during worship. Quarterly statements are sent out by the Financial Recording Clerk so that you can track the progress of your pledge as well as have documentation for tax purposes.

Why do I need to pledge?

On a spiritual level, making a pledge is a way to put your faith into action. By making a pledge, you are making a personal commitment to share your own blessings and participate in the life of the church. Without everyone’s contribution of time, talent and treasure, we could not fulfill the mission to which God has called us.

How do I make a pledge?

Our annual Generous Giving Ministry Pledging takes place in September. At that time, pledge cards are distributed to all members and friends. The completed cards are celebrated on Consecration Sunday.

How much should I pledge?

This is a very personal decision, and we suggest that, as a starting point, you reflect on the blessings you have received in life and what FCCW means to you.

No really, how much should I pledge?

In the Bible, those who choose to “tithe” committed themselves to give 10% of what they received to God. That meant 10% of their crops were offered in sacrifice, or 10% of salaries were given to the church. In today’s world, with competing interests, 10% to the church is an amount that might create financial stress rather than a cheerful gift to God.

The United Church of Christ suggests proportional giving, whereby you commit yourself to pledge a specific portion of your income. While some members may be capable and comfortable with 10%, others may be more comfortable with something less. The important thing is to make a commitment and give joyfully. 

Can I just give what I’m comfortable with each week when the offering is taken?

While these gifts are gratefully received, they do not give your church leaders an idea of anticipated support so that they can plan for the year to come. Pledges allow them to do that more confidently. Are pledges the church’s only source of income? The income portion of our operating budget consists of pledges, investment income, loose plate offerings, and miscellaneous income.

What happens if my financial circumstances change?

Your pledge can be increased, decreased or canceled at any time by contacting the Financial Receipts Clerk.

I am not a member of FCCW. Am I supposed to pledge?

Even if you have not officially joined our congregation, we hope that, by getting to know us and joining us in worship, you would feel comfortable supporting FCCW and its ministry. Your pledge is a way to express your endorsement of who we are and what we do.

And if I have additional questions or concerns?

You can address your questions to any member of the Generous Giving Ministry or pastor.

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