About us

About us

Who We Are

Our congregation is made up of a diverse and caring group of individuals who are united in Christian fellowship with our desire to serve God and our neighbors both near and far.

Our church, located in Central Massachusetts has a long history dating back to 1737. We look fondly back at our past as we move forward toward the future and continue our growth as a faith.

Our traditional New England Church with its tall steeple and war memorial in front is situated prominently on Main Street. In addition to the Sanctuary, it has two large meeting halls and additional ten classrooms. The parsonage is located on nearby Lovell Street

 Our History

To those who have gone before us

To those who journey with us now

And to those who will follow us

As believers, servants, and children of God,

We dedicate this history book.

The First Congregational Church of Westminster traces its origins back to the 1600s Indian Wars. Following the death of Massasoit, tensions escalated with other Indian Chiefs, notably King Philip of the Narragansett tribe, leading to conflict in 1675. The General Court of Massachusetts promised soldiers land grants post-war, which required the eradication and expulsion of the Narragansetts, achieved in 1676 with King Philip’s demise.

After persistent petitions, the General Court began granting Narragansett claims in 1733, awarding seven grants in present-day Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. Narragansett #2 (later Westminster) received grants for around 120 King Philip War soldiers or their descendants to settle a six-mile square, with the condition of a meetinghouse construction within five years for town and religious purposes.

By 1739, the meetinghouse was standing, though incomplete but habitable. In 1742, Elisha Marsh became the first settled Pastor, earning 45 English Pounds annually, equivalent to $8945 today. Today, the church continues its journey, mirroring the perseverance of ancestors who navigated untamed wilderness with steadfast faith, paving roads that once were mere wilderness paths.

Elisha Marsh’s appointment in 1742 marked the church’s early milestones, with 609 churches in the Southern New England Conference currently spreading the gospel.

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