Educational Ministry

Educational Ministry

Gathering In God’s House

Here at the First Congregational Church of Westminster, we teach weekly lessons on a rotation schedule.
There is a theme for the year and each month the children will learn a new Bible story based on the
theme where they get to make the story come to life through a variety of different mediums in our different
All of our lessons are hands-on as we believe in the power of learning through movement to get our
wiggles out. The activities may include cooking, puppets, art, STEM, and exploration. One week a month
the children will get to experience a similar themed “escape room”. They learn clues through the stories
and they work together as a team to find the clues which are hidden in the room before earning a prize.
We believe in teaching through exploration and letting kids use their imaginations in our planned activities.
We believe in kids asking questions and we teach in easy to understand, child-friendly way.
We believe all are welcome in our church, so come and visit us! We would love to see you!

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