'Nominating' Tagged Posts

'Nominating' Tagged Posts


Opportunities To Help

Here is your opportunity to  help the church!! Yes we are in a time of change but that means we need your help all the more.  Nominating will begin filling slots soon and we would love for you to think seriously how you can help the church with your time and talents! Maybe you want to try something new and different, maybe you like where you are or maybe you want to join a committee to make new friends…whatever it…

Will You Take a Moment to Consider?

Nominating has begun the search to fill our committee slots. ¬†Please prayerfully consider how you can help support our church by joining one of the committees. ¬†Contact either Karen Brighenti or Ellen Holmes for more information. DEACONS This group works together to assist the Pastor in the work of the church, including assistance with various aspects of the worship services, and administration of Communion. Deacons perform their tasks along with at least one other person, so there is always support…