Posts from March 2023

Posts from March 2023

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Building and AED Updates

From the Trustees and Safe Church Committee… BUILDING UPDATE Safe Church and the Trustees have been working to update procedures and ensure safety aspects of our church building are in order. In recent weeks, the emergency button system was tested, the building inspected by the fire department and the kitchen by the health department, and the AED was serviced.  AED The AED is now in working order. The Trustees have contracted a service provider for the device to ensure that it…
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Have You Considered Teaching Church School?

Christian Education hopes to recruit four additional teachers for Church School. This will allow for a rotation to be established for our main teachers so that everyone has a couple of Sundays each month to be in worship. We will be running a “training†for those interested in how to use the curriculum and engage children and youth in a one-room classroom model at their age levels.  Maybe you are interested in helping but would prefer not to be a lead teacher.…
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Christian Ed

Recommended Resources for Families These resources were written by Rev. Sarah Griffith Lund the Senior Pastor at First Congregational United Church of Christ (Indianapolis, Indiana) and Minister for Disabilities and Mental Health Justice for the National United Church of Christ.  Through vivid and powerful storytelling, Blessed Youth:   Breaking the Silence about Mental Illness with Children and Teens will remove the barriers of stigma and shame associated with mental illness in children and teens. Readers will know they are not alone and be…
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Worship Live Streaming

The Deacons and Pastor Stacey have been discussing the merits of returning to providing our worship services online through YouTube and/or Facebook. We are hoping there are a couple of volunteers in the church willing to learn about how to do this and help us make it happen on Sunday mornings. We have learned that live-streaming reduces the necessary work after worship, though adds a bit of coordination for our staff before.  Pastor Stacey is able to teach anyone who…
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As you may have heard, Our Father’s House will no longer be providing services and shelters for the unhoused people in our communities.  This is due to a change in funding. Our Church has supported Our Father’s House through monetary donations as well as donations of various supplies. These donations were always greatly appreciated.  Since the shelter has closed the Women’s Fellowship will no longer be collecting your donations. The donation container in Fellowship Hall will be removed.  Thank you…
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From The Pastor’s Pen

Friends, As we are stepping into the Transitional work of this Interim time, I will be sharing a series of articles on the directions, trends, and concerns facing churches today. The following is one such article.  Blessings on your exploration and thank you for having me beside you in your journey of becoming. 7-Things to do When a Church is in Decline… by Ron Edmondson ON February 12, 2020 1. Evaluate What is going wrong? Why are fewer people attending and…