'Flowers' Tagged Posts

'Flowers' Tagged Posts

A close up of many different flowers

Mums Order

We would like to decorate the church steps with our annual fall display of chrysanthemum plants given in memory or in honor of loved ones. For every $8.00 donation, you may fill out a slip    recognizing a friend or loved one. The mums will be displayed on our church front steps for all to enjoy. The annual Westminster Cracker Festival will be on October 21st . Mums can be picked up on Sunday, October 22nd . Use the form below. Additional forms are available at…
Poinsettia orders are now available for purchase.

Poinsettia Orders

Orders will be taken from November 1st through November 30th. Please fill out the form below. If you need additional forms, they will be available at the Church Office.” and later on “Last date to order Poinsettias will be Tuesday, November 30th.”  The price of $10 per plant is fine to use. The plants will be delivered to the church (we will provide the date), and Cauley’s will have a bill ready at delivery. The plants can be red, white…
A garden filled with lots of different flowers.

Update on Mums

 We would like to celebrate the beauty of Fall with our annual display of chrysanthemum plants given in memory or in honor of loved ones. The mums will be placed in front of our church decorating the front steps. The Westminster Pharmacy is looking for a provider for mums which they don’t have as of this writing.  When we know a price for the mums we will send out a MailChimp as well as including it in the bulletin.