Posts from December 2022

Posts from December 2022

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Pastor Stacey Is A Clergy coach 

(…though not yet certified) When our congregation signed a covenant with Pastor Stacey for her leadership during this transitional period, we celebrated her receipt of a grant through the Lilly Foundation and the efforts of the Southern New England Conference to be trained as a clergy coach. Just before Thanksgiving she completed the first level of her training and next week will finish her Mentor Coaching and will have achieved the status of   Associate Coach. She will be moving on…
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The Joy of Giving

The Christian Outreach Committee is beginning to think about the holiday season and the mittens in past years we have hung on The Giving Tree in the Narthex.  There will be no tree this year as you enter the church, but that doesn’t take away the feelings we have for giving to others.  This year we have decided to again support the Residential reunification homes run by Community Healthlink whom we worked with last year.  These three homes, two in…
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Advent Devotionals

Advent Devotionals Two Advent Devotionals are available as you enter the Sanctuary and near the office. One for families with conversations laid out to have around the dinner table and activities that help children and youth understand the story of Christ’s birth in expanding ways. The second is tailored to adults with a single devotion for each week of Advent and a variety of questions that can be explored as you progress through Advent. These devotionals connect with the Advent…
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From The Pastor’s Pen

When I close my eyes in prayer and allow myself the possibility of looking within, to consider the wonder of God’s magnificent all-encompassing love, the darkness I experience is beautiful and inviting. It is a space of deep healing. In summer months, I volunteer for a program that I loved deeply as a teen and still love today for the power of transformation it serves as a catalyst of in people who dare to say yes to a week on…