Thanksgiving Food Collection

Thanksgiving Food Collection

Thankfully we have been able to make necessary adjustments to the current new normal, and some things have not changed. Poverty and homelessness still exist. People have lost jobs or had their income reduced resulting in more need for shelters and food pantries.

We are fortunate to have the Westminster Community Food Pantry housed in our church. In a recent conversation with Dorcas Hurd, Director of the Westminster Community Food Pantry, she expressed great appreciation for everything our church does for the food pantry and our generous support.

One of our largest food collections has always been around Thanksgiving. You can drop food off at the side door on Thursday, November 17th, a week before Thanksgiving between 2:00 and 5:00 p.m. Our congregation can also bring their annual Thanksgiving food donation to church on Sunday, November 20th
Below are suggestions for items needed for the food pantry, including items for the Thanksgiving baskets.

Please remember that the Food Pantry does not give out expired food, so please don’t give it to them. The Christian Outreach Committee thanks you for your support of this important local mission!

Canned meats (beef, chicken, tuna, ham)Juice boxes
Canned pasta (spaghetti rings, ravioli)Bags of goldfish
Canned fruits of any kindGranola bars
Canned soups of any kindAnimal crackers
Canned soups of any kindYogurt covered raisins
Macaroni and cheese boxesIndividual apple sauce squeeze pouches
Pasta of any kindSeasonal canned vegetables like sweet potatoes, squash, asparagus, beets, etc.
Spaghetti sauceCornbread mixes
Canned tomatoesReady mix stuffing in a box or bag
Juice, coffee, teaPie crust mixes
Baking mixesPie fillings such as pumpkin, apple, etc.
CerealCranberry sauce
OatmealGluten-Free Snacks and Crackers

A Thanksgiving Blessing

Our God, provider of all good things,

we offer you praise and thanksgiving. 

We pray for Your blessings on this food and on all those who will receive it,

those who will sort and distribute it, and those who have contributed it. 

May this food nourish those who receive it both physically and spiritually.  Amen.

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