Sermons on Exodus

Sermons on Exodus

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Chasing Glory

Exodus 33:12-23 A young woman who was filling out a college entrance application came across a question which asked, “Are you a leader?” She hesitated, guessing that the response to the question that the admissions department was looking for was a “Yes.” Being an honest sort of person though, she marked the space for “No.” As in, “No,” she was not a leader. Several weeks later a letter of acceptance arrived that read, “Upon receiving 1340 applications from students to…
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First Comes Love

  Exodus 20:1-4, 7-9, 12-18 When a couple comes to me to be married part of the time we spend together involves me getting to know them and engaging in some pre-marital counseling to prepare them to enter the covenant of marriage well equipped for success. But a large part of the time is also dedicated to planning the wedding ceremony itself. I go over each part of the ceremony carefully with them so that they understand the meaning and…
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Freedom Trail

Exodus 14:10-31 When I was a kid in school, I always looked forward to field trips. Partly because it felt like a day off from being in a classroom. But more than that, field trips made history come alive for me in ways that a textbook alone never could. Simply reading about the perilous voyage of the Mayflower, for instance, failed to impress on me the harsh realities of that journey. What did the trick was walking the dark, claustrophobic…
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Holy Ground All Around

Exodus 3:1-15   Certain holidays that we celebrate are easily associated with matters of faith. Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving, to name a few.  Pretty much, Labor Day is not that kind of holiday.       Maybe it should be. One reason that it isn’t is that labor and commerce are considered to be secular matters. But it wasn’t always so. For centuries, what came to be known as the Protestant Work Ethic gave people a sense that what they did to make a…