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The purpose of this church shall be to worship God, preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to celebrate the sacraments; to realize Christian fellowship and unity within this church and the Church universal; to render loving service towards this community and to the world; and to strive for righteousness, justice and peace.

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Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me.

Isn’t it about time we put that saying to rest? Because words do hurt. And underestimating the destructive power of words has a price. The language we use translates into concrete realities with all the attendant consequences. Bullying in schools creates despair that swallows young lives. Homophobic insults give rise to L.G.B.T. harassment. Racial slurs, more »

Every day is Christmas

I used to know this guy who, whenever you asked him how it was going, would come back with the same response – “Every day is Christmas.” I still don’t know exactly what he meant by that. But, what I do know is that I wish every Christmas could be on a Sunday, like it more »

Have a great summer!!

Don’t forget there’s Worship for all ages every Sunday at 9:30 in the summer. Remember to mark your calendar that Church School will begin on Sunday, September 11 at 9:30. There will be a staff orientation and dinner on Thursday evening, September 8.

Yankee Street Fair Update

Many Hands Make Light Work!  Will you be working an hour or two at the fair? Please tell us what you’d like to do to help. Call, email or use the sign-up sheets in Fellowship Hall and join one or more teams. We have very few names on the roster and we sure would appreciate your help on more »

Christian Education News

Please come to worship on June 12 for Children’s Sunday. On Children’s Sunday the church school staff assists the children in creating the worship service. It is always a joyous occasion with the children and youth leading and participating in the service. Third graders will receive their Bibles and the children and the staff will more »

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Communion Sunday

Communion is served on the first Sunday of the every month

Service of Healing and Wholeness

A Service of Healing and Wholeness will take place in the sanctuary at 11:00 AM on Communion Sundays.  

RSS UCC Daily Devotional

  • Fruitful, Focused, Unflustered February 21, 2017
    Jennifer Brownell I was fifteen years old the first time I knew I was a gnat - that is, relatively insignificant and brief in the scheme of creation.
  • God Wants You Back February 20, 2017
    Tony Robinson Sisters and brothers, God wants you back. God wants us back.
  • First Things First February 19, 2017
    Richard L. Floyd My secular friends sometimes ask me, "Why the church?"
  • Always Dealing with God February 18, 2017
    Bob Thompson During our crises we might be tempted to blame or belittle God. 
  • Looking Past the Peril February 17, 2017
    John A. Nelson Any religious teaching can be solidified into doctrine, which strains out its poetry, sifts out its dynamism, and hollows out its heart.
  • Listen February 16, 2017
    Kaji Douša What if God's voice were in a higher register than we were prepared to hear?
  • You Can't Step in the Same River Twice February 15, 2017
    Lillian Daniel The winter river has surprised me with its beauty.
  • V-Day February 14, 2017
    Matt Laney God revealed God's heart through the face of Jesus Christ. It was a message of divine warmth and tenderness wrapped in human flesh. 
  • The Joy of Tests February 13, 2017
    Vince Amlin I have often thought of tests of faith like ordinary exams, asking me what I already know, making sure I did the required reading.
  • Spiritual Things February 12, 2017
    Molly Baskette In orthodox Christianity, possessions are suspect. But there are some 'things' that exert a powerfully beneficial force over our spirits.