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The purpose of this church shall be to worship God, preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to celebrate the sacraments; to realize Christian fellowship and unity within this church and the Church universal; to render loving service towards this community and to the world; and to strive for righteousness, justice and peace.

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From the Pastor’s Pen

Approximately two-thirds of all North American bird species migrate on a seasonal basis. I think the same can be said for church members. As Spring (was there really a Spring in New England this year?) morphs into Summer the migratory patterns of our congregation are plain to see. Our “snowbird” population gradually returns to their more »


From the Pastor’s Pen Pentecost (which will fall on June 4 this year) reminds us that the grace of God is made known, not only in what God does for us, but also in what God does through us. At the first Christian Pentecost the Holy Spirit was poured out on the disciples, empowering a more »

From the Pastor’s Pen

Jesus had a knack for never being where you would expect to find him. It was an unnerving habit he seemed to have developed even before he was born. I mean, what could be more unexpected than a child who was conceived in the womb of a virgin. Soon after Jesus was born, a paranoid more »

Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me.

Isn’t it about time we put that saying to rest? Because words do hurt. And underestimating the destructive power of words has a price. The language we use translates into concrete realities with all the attendant consequences. Bullying in schools creates despair that swallows young lives. Homophobic insults give rise to L.G.B.T. harassment. Racial slurs, more »

Every day is Christmas

I used to know this guy who, whenever you asked him how it was going, would come back with the same response – “Every day is Christmas.” I still don’t know exactly what he meant by that. But, what I do know is that I wish every Christmas could be on a Sunday, like it more »

Have a great summer!!

Don’t forget there’s Worship for all ages every Sunday at 9:30 in the summer. Remember to mark your calendar that Church School will begin on Sunday, September 11 at 9:30. There will be a staff orientation and dinner on Thursday evening, September 8.

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Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm Second Saturday of the Month 10:00 am to 1:00 pm

Silence in Prayer

On the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month, there will be a gathering in the church Parlor from 7 pm until 8 pm, for all those interested in learning about practicing Centering Contemplative Prayer.  Everyone is welcome!

Communion Sunday

Communion is served on the first Sunday of the every month

RSS UCC Daily Devotional

  • Knowing What You Know June 24, 2017
    Mary Luti A blind seminary student announced in class that if Jesus offered her sight, she'd refuse.
  • Remembering Grace June 23, 2017
    Emily C. Heath Perhaps this is wrong, but I have a hard time trusting church people who never admit imperfection.
  • Until the Tenderness is Real June 22, 2017
    Matt Fitzgerald When you pray, how do you begin?
  • Cat Brains June 21, 2017
    Ron Buford Ever notice the way cats can seem to treat their owners as if their owners exist to solely fulfill their cat desires?
  • This Retirement Stuff Is Hard June 20, 2017
    Tony Robinson "We've got to talk, this retirement stuff is HARD"
  • Out of Bounds June 19, 2017
    Richard L. Floyd The people of God have always wrestled with the question of where God's Spirit is at work.
  • Introverts and Extroverts June 18, 2017
    Martin B. Copenhaver I am convinced Jesus was an introvert.
  • Small Letter, Big Spirit June 17, 2017
    John A. Nelson Scripture sets so many traps.
  • Expecting an Answer June 16, 2017
    Kaji Dousa Are you prepared to trust in God's response?
  • When "Sorry" Seems to be the Easiest Word June 15, 2017
    Lillian Daniel After a terrorist atrocity, I hate seeing Muslims at a news conference being forced to apologize for something they didn't do.