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The purpose of this church shall be to worship God, preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to celebrate the sacraments; to realize Christian fellowship and unity within this church and the Church universal; to render loving service towards this community and to the world; and to strive for righteousness, justice and peace.

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Plans are underway for this year’s Yankee Street Fair on Saturday, August 24th from 9am – 3 pm. Are you looking for a way to help with this major fundraiser for our Church?  Here are some things you can do to help out: Continue donating soda and water!  It can be left in the church more »

A Holy Land Pilgrimage

Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus: A Holy Land Pilgrimage! This pilgrimage will be led by Rev. Dr. Jay Terbush and Pastor Ray Medeiros and facilitated by Educational Opportunities Tours. The tour will take place from February 3 through 14, 2020. Price for the tour is $3658 and is all inclusive except for lunches and more »

From the Pastor’s Pen

Buried amid chapter after chapter in the Book of Exodus of tedious instructions concerning the building materials, dimensions, and craftmanship required to construct the Tabernacle for worshipping God, you will find one of the most amazing stories in the Bible. Moses had appealed to the Israelites to bring offerings of silver, gold, precious gems, fine more »

From the Pastor’s Pen

The theme of the Good Friday Walk to the Cross this year as we neared the close of Lent, was “In the Footsteps of Jesus.” It was an opportunity to use our imaginations to prayerfully walk with Jesus in the path of discipleship. Just before the beginning of Lent in 2020 (February 3-14) an opportunity more »

From the Pastor’s Pen

In the North Sea, above the land we now call Scotland, lie the Orkney Islands. The rule of these islands, was split between two cousins, Earl Hakon, a mighty warrior, and Earl Magnus, also mighty in battle but gifted in peacemaking. Together they ruled peacefully for seven years until evil men gained the ear of more »

From the Pastor’s Pen

The forty days of Lent (not counting Sundays) commence with Ash Wednesday and conclude with the day before Easter. This span of days commemorate the time Jesus spent in the wilderness wrestling with temptation before beginning his ministry. Historically, Christians have used Lent as a season for confronting their own temptations and rededicating themselves to more »

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Thrift Shop Open

We have a variety of used clothing for men, women and children at low, low prices. The Thrift Store is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2-4 P.M.  

Centering Prayer

There will be a gathering in the church Parlor from 7 pm – 8 pm, for all those Interested in learning about  practicing Centering/Contemplative Prayer. Everyone is welcome.

Thrift Shop Open

Thrift Shop will be closed July & August and will be opened during Yankee Street Fair on August 26. We have a variety of used clothing for men, women and children at low, low prices. The Thrift Store is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2-4 P.M.  

Caregiver Support Group

The Caregiver Support Group will meet in the Parlor on the 4th Monday of each month from 7-8 PM.

Planned Giving

As a church community, we support the missions and ministries of our Church through our giving today and the generosity of previous generations. Planned Giving is a generous and effective way of celebrating the impact the Church has had on you, your family and your greater community. Planned Giving is not strictly for wealthy individuals. more »

RSS UCC Daily Devotional

  • Rainbow Man September 20, 2019
    Maybe looking people in the eye and telling them, 'God loves you irrevocably' won’t soften our hearts and end all harm. I dunno. But let’s try anyway and see what happens.
  • Inheritance September 19, 2019
    We don’t get a say in our inheritance, the pains transmitted from ancestor to descendant. But the emotional and spiritual inheritance that we leave behind? That’s another story.
  • Use of Sense September 18, 2019
    We don’t have to be superheroes to sense when something is wrong. God created us with sensitive capabilities to have insight, to be attuned, to be proactive instead of silent.
  • A Long Defeat September 17, 2019
    Unless we know our weakness, we start believing that the world’s betterment hinges on us, that we are saviors. Unless we relinquish the solace of outcomes, the work turns bitter.
  • Dropping Our Demands September 16, 2019
    We can travel more lightly if we drop our demands along the way and pick up our gratitude gear. We can enjoy the world that God made and is remaking.
  • Your People September 15, 2019
    Maybe you woke up thinking about some catastrophe, and you shouted at God, 'These are your people.' Don’t be surprised when God points to them and says, 'They are your people.'
  • Back to School September 14, 2019
    Jesus was forever crossing borders visible and invisible, tearing down fences and walls, and enlarging pastures so that all could live in safety, peace and plenty.
  • The Leaf September 13, 2019
    Does the leaf know the changing seasons, the looming changes, the shifting light? Does it welcome the transformation? Do we notice and have the courage to welcome change?
  • Always Dealing with God September 12, 2019
    In crisis, we might be tempted to blame or belittle God. But Eugene Peterson suggests that current events call us to 'immediate awareness that … we are always dealing with God.'
  • A Serious Question for a Horrible Day September 11, 2019
    On this day, of all days, we repent of our divisive ways, we commit to cooperate instead of conspire, and we find our security in the God of Many Names and No Borders.