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The purpose of this church shall be to worship God, preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to celebrate the sacraments; to realize Christian fellowship and unity within this church and the Church universal; to render loving service towards this community and to the world; and to strive for righteousness, justice and peace.

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Pastor Ray

“Return to God with all your heart.”

Our theme for Lent this year is “Return to God with all your heart.” God’s “wholehearted” love is available to us through grace. But there are parts of our hearts that we withhold from God. Lent is the season to be mindful of what you might be giving your heart to, instead of giving it […]


Your Church in 60 Seconds

The Joy of Obedient Worship   “Free us for joyful obedience.” You may recognize that phrase as part of the congregational prayer that we pray just before we celebrate communion. That prayer describes why you and I exist: joyful  obedience. You and I exist to worship. The more we realize that, the more we approach the […]

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Community Thrift Shop Open

The Community Thrift Shop offers affordable clothing and accessories for Men, Women, Teens, and Kids.  It is open today from 2-4 PM, weather permitting.  We get new arrivals weekly.

RSS UCC Daily Devotional

  • Appearances Can Be Deceiving March 27, 2015
    Richard L. Floyd God looks beyond outward appearances.
  • The Dry Bones of Depression March 26, 2015
    Lillian Daniel Can these dry bones live?
  • Kumbaya March 25, 2015
    Alan Parker How did it happen that this sweet, simple, unutterably sacred song became an object of ridicule? 
  • Resurrection March 24, 2015
    Jennifer Garrison Brownell It was not one thing, but all the day’s little annoyances that combined to feel completely overwhelming.
  • God Hates Figs (Satire Alert) March 23, 2015
    Matt Laney This is not a message I want to deliver, but the Bible leaves me no choice. There is no politically correct alternative.
  • Sinners March 22, 2015
    Mary Luti Some people find confession depressing. They want to hear that they're good, and getting better all the time. They want church to further their self-improvement projects. I'm not so keen on that.
  • The Kindness of a Hermit March 21, 2015
    Matt Fitzgerald God, thank you for the ways your "yes" is always being echoed on this earth.
  • Uncomfortable March 20, 2015
    Emily C. Heath The church does not thrive in comfort. The church thrives when it is being called to the messy and painful work of transforming the world.
  • Me and My Sombrero March 19, 2015
    Marchae Grair God, help me to seek lessons from my elders while building my own authentic truths.
  • Can I Get A Witness? March 18, 2015
    Kenneth L. Samuel The narratives of the Bible take on texture, taste and smell when they intersect with our own narratives.