Thank You From Christian Outreach

Thank You From Christian Outreach

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A message from the Christian Outreach Committee    

Thank you all for your response, to our annual giving tree toy drive!  This year we again used the ease of Amazon to our advantage and easily met the needs of some children who can use a little extra joy this holiday season. The Christian Outreach Committee again partnered with the Community Healthlink residential recovery homes where children are going through the reunification process with their mothers.   We had 12 children from 3 different homes –  Orchard Street in Leominster, Faith House, and Beryl’s House in Worcester – who ranged in age from 6 months to 17 years old.  We were easily able to provide the children of all these homes with a few things off their wish lists to be opened on Christmas morning.  

It was a humbling experience to be able to meet the needs of these three programs!  A congregation, like a family, answers calls for help however they are received, and this campaign proved that.  The road to recovery and reunification is never an easy one for these mothers and children to travel and Covid19 has certainly added a few roadblocks on that journey including canceled visitations, mask-wearing when not in their own rooms, and limited access to the community and programming.   I am honored to be able to hand deliver all of these presents to these programs and to know that, for at least one morning, there will be fun, joy, and excitement – the way Christmas should be for every child.

With the sincerest of Thanks, stay safe and God bless,                             

The Christian Outreach Committee