Say Please and Thank you!

Say Please and Thank you!

Notes from Generous Giving Ministry

As a new committee member and incoming chair of the Generous Giving Ministry committee, I want to express my immense gratitude to the current members and its past chair, Jim Tamulen. His leadership and commitment have led this church through many, many successful Generous Giving campaigns through the years, and as incoming chair, I seek to listen and learn from him and the current committee about how to best serve this church and this community in this role. Jim, thank you for all you’ve done and for all you do as a mentor as we move forward into 2021.


As a mother of a three year-old and seven year-old, I usually wake up with a full heart, grateful for all the blessings we share in our family life. And then someone spills their milk. Or forgets to brush their teeth. Or complains about having to get ready for school (from home or at school, depending on the day.)  One of my strategies is to use these moments as teaching opportunities. On my best days, I approach these times with    patience, grace, and “please and thank you’s.” “Please get a paper towel and clean up the milk. Please brush your teeth. Thank you for getting ready for school.” What I’ve come to realize, is that please and thank you gets me pretty far—it keeps me from exploding in frustration, and it demonstrates my respect for my children. Most of the time it works, and I can move forward in my day filling my heart with those smiles, hugs and kisses.

I want to approach this role as Chair in the same way. I seek to say please when I need help and more understanding as I navigate this role. And I will express my biggest thanks to those that support our church, our community, and our committee’s role in leading the church through its Generous Giving campaign to meet the financial needs of the church.

So to you, please and thank you: Please use this time to think about how you contribute to the church and the life of the church. If you feel moved to change your pledge, reach out to Sally Aalto. If you want to talk about what pledging means for you and how you can contribute to the church and life of the church, let’s do it. Reach out to me or any of the committee members and we would be happy to talk to you. Thank you to those that continue to commit to contributing your time, talent, and financial support.

How do you say please and thank you in your life? Always open to hear from you at

Thank you,

Jessica Caouette, GGM Committee Chair