Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Staff

Pastor, Ray Medeiros

“How do you put a face on a church’s ministry? The best place to begin is with its members and friends. A church is not a building, it is a people united in Christian faith, fellowship, and mission. It is men, women, children…….”

Christian Education Coordinator, Devon Murphy

“There is such joy in the ministry of Christian education.  It can be compared to the parable of the mustard seed that was sowed in the field.  It is the smallest of all seeds …..

Music Director, Christine Bergquist

“Music leads us to the window of heaven and let’s us gaze within! When I am in worship and in my “music zone” my soul is connected……..

Church Secretary, Lisa Roberts

I have grown spiritually and within myself from not only the guidance, also the tremendous amount of care and support from this congregation.

Sexton, Brett Barnaby