June CE Update

June CE Update

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Hi Families!

Happy Summer!

I wanted to first start off by thanking everyone who came to support our children in our annual Children’s day pageant.  It was the first one we were able to hold in the last few years due to Covid and it felt so good to be back!  Fun fact: The animals that the children used were all created by hand by them to use for our Christmas pageant.  If you remember, the Christmas pageant had to be canceled due to the numbers of Covid rising.  The children kept their animals and improved them and even added a few more to use for our “Old Turtle” presentation.  For anyone looking to purchase the book, it is called “Old Turtle” and is written by: Douglas Wood, and it can be found at both Barnes and Noble and online at Amazon.

Another thank you to my wonderful CE staff and to everyone who donated to my “Sundae basket”.  It was such a thoughtful gift and was put to good use the following day for my older daughter’s 7th grade promotion night.  The CE staff works hard behind the scenes on Sundays throughout the whole school year (and summer, too!) to help me keep the program running, and I am always grateful for their support.

Last but not least, enjoy your summers together as a family!  Stop by the office to say hi, send me a text or drop by the kid’s Facebook page and fill me in on what you are up to.  I hope to see you all out and about in the community but if I don’t, have a safe and happy summer.  Take lots of adventures, and make lots of new memories!

In his Love,