From the Pastor’s Pen

From the Pastor’s Pen

Long ago, God spoke to a prophet named Ezekiel in a vision. In that vision Ezekiel was transported to a valley. The floor of the valley was strewn with human bones, like the slain of a mighty army that had been utterly defeated. Ezekiel noticed that the bones were “very” dry, which seems to mean something like that they were dead as a doornail. God asked Ezekiel an odd question. “Mortal, can these bones live?” It would seem that the correct answer was obvious. Those bones weren’t going anywhere. But, Ezekiel had a hunch that God might have something up his sleeve, so the prophet hedged his bets and gave a noncommittal reply. “Only you know, Lord.” God told Ezekiel to prophesy to the dry bones that God would breathe spirit into them and they would be brought back to life. And when they were brought back to life, they would know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if God could restore dry old bones like them to life, there was nothing God could not do.

Lately, it has felt like the world has been sliding down into a valley, and like Ezekiel we may look around at the casualties of this pandemic (human and social) and ask ourselves, “Can these bones live?” Can the falling stock markets on which so many livelihoods and retirements depend, ever be raised back up again? Will people’s jobs come back? What will be the long terms effects on the church? Will life as we know it ever be restored?

Easter reminds us that nothing is beyond God’s power to resurrect and restore. When Jesus was laid in the tomb, his followers were left as broken and dispirited as a valley littered with dry bones. But God raised Jesus. Then God breathed the Holy Spirit upon them and before you knew it, they were transformed into an army of spiritual warriors who changed the world.

In the midst of change, we are discovering new ways to be the church together. If you haven’t known, each Sunday morning a virtual recorded worship service is posted on the church Facebook page and can be found on YouTube by typing Raymond Medeiros in the search bar. We are also holding Centering Prayer through a conference call platform.

There is much anxiety about the future. But there is one thing about which there should be no question. And that is God’s ability to bring Easter dawns out of Good Friday gloom. May we be open to God’s Spirit -Wind blowing through us as we face tomorrow with faith and hope.

Pastor Ray