The Pilgrim story begins with faith. November 9, 2020 will be the 400th Anniversary of the Pilgrims stepping foot on Plymouth Rock.

The Pilgrims embraced the Biblical doctrine of giving thanks to God which brought them through difficult times, and we must do the same today.

We are in difficult times now. although our trials differ from those faced by our forefathers. With store closings, layoffs, illnesses, stock market crashing down, our sense of uncertainty multiplies with day to day events.

Faith in God will carry us through as it did with our forefathers who in faith started our church in 1742. Through wars, The Depression, and many other tragedies and good times they carried on. And we thank them for their perseverance.

Together, we journey on today, knowing as they did, that discipleship comes with both joys and sacrifice.

As they stood upon a rock on the shore of a new world, the rock we will stand upon amid the challenges that we face, will be the rock of our faith.

If you have kept your pledges up to date, know that we will keep you in our prayers.

If you are having difficulty with your pledges, know that we will keep you in our prayers.

We, as a church will continue on as did our forefathers, with perseverance.

Please see the Pastor’s virtual sermons on the church FB page until we are able to worship and join in fellowship.

In prayers and concern, Generous Giving Ministry