Canceled Gospel Of Mark Live

Canceled due to illness. Watch for the new date this spring.

“The word lives only in the space between the storyteller’s performance and the audience’s hearing. It exists only there. When the story is over, it ceases to exist until the next time it is told aloud. No chapter and verse numbers, no subtitles, no footnotes, nothing to consult later – only the sound and sight of the living word, a live experience in a living community.”

First Congregational Church of Westminster

   United Church of Christ

All are welcome to enjoy Rev. Bert Marshall’s Oral and Musical Storytelling of The Gospel of Mark

Reception with refreshments to follow

A free-will offering will be received

“I was so captured by the sharing of story, and found it to be so emotional. I cannot remember a time when I’ve looked around our chapel to find everyone sitting on the edge of their seat, leaning forward. It was so captivating and so meaningful for us.” Rev. Chad W. Kidd, Worship Coordinator, Boston University School of Theology.

“Rev. Bert Marshall’s presentation of Mark’s gospel was much more than performance. He was the        story-teller, made tangible before us, living and breathing. It was the very opposite of “me” centered    performance. He subjugated his ego and allowed himself to become, as St. Francis wrote in his Peace Prayer, an instrument. And we were all deeply touched. As the narration proceeded it felt like the energy in the room moved in circular fashion, gaining strength like a quiet hurricane, pulling us into its center. His music powerfully undergirded the text. I don’t recall ever experiencing anything quite like this. I will not soon forget it.”
– Jim Ballard, Ashfield, MA