Christian Education Statement of Purpose

Christian Education Statement of Purpose

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The Christian Education Statement of Purpose

The First Congregational Church of Westminster, UCC

Westminster, Massachusetts

      The Church teaches through all it does.

      Our task is to create and/or provide an atmosphere and resources to help persons nurture their spiritual and moral development, develop and clarify their values, and provide a sense and an atmosphere of community and caring.  In a world of change, we seek to help each other use our God-given talents and share that talent with society.

This shall be accomplished through:

  1. sharing the biblical stories and its implications today, as it pertains to God’s revelation of himself in history; and in life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  2. seeking Christian education staff who will bring to their task a commitment to the Christian faith and a desire and a willingness to engage in training opportunities.
  3. providing avenues of service to help individuals beyond themselves through projects of outreach and service in the community and the world.

The Christian Education Committee sees the importance of the shared

responsibility between the home and the church, and it understands its task:

  1. to encourage regular attendance;
  2. to encourage and provide support in the shared education of church and home;
  3. to encourage and provide support of parents as teachers and resource persons according to their interests and skills;
  4. to provide for occasional family events in the life of the church.

The Christian Education Committee pledges its support of the Christian

education staff and students as it maintains and provides the necessary resources for the program of Christian education.  The committee will work with the Christian Education Coordinator and church school staff in all matters relating to curriculum development, obtaining materials, and assistance for special projects, etc.

     The pastor pledges his/her support and cooperation to serve as resource person to the entire Christian education staff through teacher training and resource and curriculum development.

      We commit ourselves to this task.

Revised and accepted by the Christian Education Committee, January 8, 2006

Reviewed and accepted by the Christian Education Committee, January 3, 2015