Children’s Christmas Pageant

Children’s Christmas Pageant

Hi Families!

This year we are trying something new for our Christmas Pageant.  If you are interested in having your child participate, below is the following format of how it will be taking place.  As always, please message me with any questions.

My idea for the Christmas pageant is based upon the suggestions from the Covid crisis committee. 

I have a cute book about the birth of Jesus as told from the animal’s point of view.  I have a list of animals that are characters in the book.  The children will each choose an animal and work during the next few church school classes to create their animal in 3D form using different materials. (Animals were assigned to any child who attended church) Any child at home that wishes to participate can also make animals as well, please message me to choose an animal.

We will gather together on Saturday, December 11 to record the pageant at the church at 2 pm. The children will be wearing masks.  The congregation will be filled with only the families of the children that are in the pageant. I will read the book and when it gets to each part in the book that the child has made the animal for, they will walk their animal down and place it on a table which will have a creche on it near the front of the church.  I will have the families that aren’t comfortable participating, drop their animals off at the church ahead of time and we can bring those down as well.

If your child is older and would also like to do a speaking part, please let me know.  The service will be shown online on December 19.

As always, thank you for your continued support as we navigate through these different times!

Have a wonderful and restful Christmas with your families.


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