Plans are underway for this year’s Yankee Street Fair on

Saturday, August 24th from 9am – 3 pm.

Are you looking for a way to help with this major fundraiser for our Church?  Here are some things you can do to help out:

  • Continue donating soda and water!  It can be left in the church library.
  • Donate new items and gift cards for the Tag Auction & Silent Auction.  They can be left in the Church Office.
  • Donate used items for the Bargain Area.  Covenant Hall will be made available for these.
  • Start plants for the Harvest Booth and plant extra vegetables in your garden for the Fair.
  • Craft and homemade items are always needed for the Handmade Booth.  LeeAnn Gikis and Sandi Thibodeau will accept your donations.
  • New and used books are welcomed for the Book Booth and can be left on the Fellowship Hall stage.
  • Home baked goods are always popular.  Please include a list of ingredients.

Your help is much needed, both to prepare for the Fair and on the day of the Fair.  Do you have some time to help out with this important event? Where would you like to help out:

Tag Auction —- Silent Action —- Baked Goods — Children’s Games —- Strawberry Shortcake

Popcorn —- Bargain Area — Food Court — Temporary Tattoos — Booth Set Up

Everyone is encouraged to come to the next Yankee Street Fair meeting on Tuesday, July 9th at 6 pm in Fellowship Hall.  This is your opportunity to help plan this year’s Fair.  Each year our church donates 10% of the Fair profits to a community organization.  Please come and help decide where to make our community donation this year.

Roger and Jeffrey Hoyt are this year’s chairpersons.  They can be contacted at the yankeestreetfair19@gmail.com.