Yankee Street Fair Update

Many Hands Make Light Work!  Will you be working an hour or two at the fair? Please tell us what you’d like to do to help. Call, email or use the sign-up sheets in Fellowship Hall and join one or more teams. We have very few names on the roster and we sure would appreciate your help on August 27th even just for an hour.
Collection days for Bargain Booth items are Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturday mornings only in July and August. We need help staffing those mornings over the summer. If everyone volunteers to
cover just one morning then together as a church family we can get this task done. Can you please donate one hour of your time?
· soda cans, 1 & 2 liter bottles – all varieties, Coke products preferred
· bottled water
· Gatorade
· napkins
· paper towels
· aluminum foil
· antiseptic wipes

All supply donations can be dropped off at church anytime and left in the library. Thank you for helping
to keep Fair expenses low!
Start looking around for second-hand items for the Bargain Basement sale, including tools, bicycles and
furniture. We will begin collection in July. Pick-up is available. More details will come in June issue of News On The Street. Give these goods another life.
Your help in this fun church-wide fundraising effort is greatly appreciated! Please sign up for an hour or more.
Thank you!