The Journey to Bethlehem Continues!

If you have been in Covenant Hall recently you will see lots of “stuff” being collected for the
journey to Bethlehem, a Creche Celebration Service on December 20. Thank you to all of you who
have already contributed materials. Carolyn Hemman and Dolores Tamulen have been spending
several mornings each week organizing and inventorying what we have and what we need. We still
need some items. Your help and donations are greatly appreciated! And be looking for more
information on how you can be involved in the journey to Bethlehem.
Plastic Bottles Needed:
CLEAR 1 liter rounded/domed top water, club soda, or tonic bottles
CLEAR 64 ounce apple juice, SPLASH, V8 bottles (round, not square)
CLEAR 2 liter soda bottles
One gallon juice bottles (graduated round levels up to round bottle neck)
1.42 gallon or 121 ounce Clorox bottles (must have curved handle space)
One gallon or 128 ounce Tropicana juice bottles
2.26 liter Cascade bottle
Morton Salt containers
Thanks again for your contributions!