If you are not a regular user of the Jane Mason Library in our church, you are missing out.  For a small library, we have a remarkable collection of books and videos on a wide range of topics.  And for anyone who has an interest in the early Christian church or for anyone who may have attended Ray’s talk on the Gnostic Gospels at Women’s Fellowship, we have a fascinating collection of materials on those topics that borders on extensive.

As a result of the ongoing generosity of the Mason family, this summer we will be adding more new materials to the library.  The first two purchases are:

Christ Actually:  The Son of God for the Secular Age

And Tuesday with Morrie (our first of several planned audio books)

The first book is an in-depth look at how Jesus is still relevant in the modern era, while the second book is a long-time classic, and required reading in our church’s Confirmation Program.

Both are well worth your time.  Checkout procedures are simple.  We operate on the honor system.  Simply write your name, the title of the book you borrowed, and the date you borrowed it on the slip of paper in the library.  Bring it back when finished, and cross your name off the list.