Sermons on Revelation

Between Alpha and Omega

FCCW 11-4-2018         All Saints Day

Revelation 21:1-6a        


  1. S. Eliot’s poem “East Coker” begins with the verse, “In my beginning is my end.”  

And, it concludes with the words, “In my end is my beginning.”

Eliot seems to be pointing us towards an understanding of the ways our origins and our destiny shape the people we are in the in-between times of our lives.

The Bible also has a lot to say about beginnings and endings, and their roles in making us the people we are becoming, day by day .

The very first words of the Bible describe our beginning. “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”

Saints Alive!

Preached FCCW November 5, 2017 All Saints Day

Revelation 7:9-17


In Coventry, England there stands a very uniquely modern cathedral.

The massive south wall of that structure is made entirely of glass.

And etched into the glass are the huge figures — four feet wide and ten feet tall — of saints and angels.