Sermons on Isaiah

The Water and the Word

Preached FCCW January 13, 2019

Isaiah 43:1-7 and Luke 3:21-22

In the American South, prior to the Civil War, slaves enjoyed few of the same privileges as their white owners. One of the rare exceptions was the freedom to attend church. But, white slave owners made sure that the only sermons preached to black congregations came from those Bible passages that encouraged slaves to obey their masters and accept their lot in life.

On Sunday mornings slaves filled the pews in the churches of their white overseers. But under cover of darkness, their true worship happened in places called “hush harbors.”

Rise and Shine

Preached FCCW January 6, 2019
Text – Isaiah 60:1-6

The prophet Isaiah described a time of “darkness covering the earth and thick darkness over the peoples.” Which raises the question, “What is the difference between darkness and thick darkness?” Can anything be darker than darkness?

On family camping trips when I was a kid, we slept in a big old Army style tent, made of thick canvas that blocked out almost every trace of light. At night the darkness inside the tent was so thick you literally could not see your hand in front of your face. That was thick darkness.

The War to End All Wars

Preached FCCW, November 11, 2018

(Veterans Day Sunday)

Isaiah 2:1-4

Hebrews 9:24-28


This morning we will mark Veterans Day by joining with houses of worship in many other communities by our participation in the Bells for Peace event.

Bells for Peace is a commemoration of the armistice that was signed 100 years ago this day, to bring the First World War to its conclusion.

World War I was billed as the War to End All Wars.

As we all know, all too well, it wasn’t.

Have You Heard?

Text    Isaiah 40:21-31

Preached FCCW, February 4, 2018


The prophet Isaiah wrote the words of hope that I just read — about God giving power to the faint and strength to the powerless — to a people who were in desperate need of both. It was a time of great trial for the nation of Israel, many of whom were living in exile in Babylon. The things that had happened to them rocked the foundations of their faith in God. They questioned whether their way was hidden from the Lord or if God had disregarded their right. In other words, did God forget about them or had God forsaken them?


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Road Work

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When Skies Fall

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