Sermons on Acts

Acts of Apostles

Preached FCCW May 6, 2018

Acts 1:1-11


Your worship bulletin will tell you that the passage I just read comes from the Book of Acts. But if you had your Bible open you may have noticed that Acts is shorthand for the full title of the book, which is “The Acts of the Apostles.” This is not a book about random acts. It is about the very specific acts of a unique group of people; Jesus’ apostles. An apostle is someone who knows a truth and whose role it is to witness that truth to others.

In the last earthly conversation that his closest followers would have with him, they asked him if, now that he had been resurrected the time had come when he would restore the kingdom of Israel to its former glory. As he almost always did, Jesus gives them a sideways answer to their question. He refuses to offer them a “when” with regards to the fulfilment of God’s plans. But he does give them a “what” and a “how” to their question.


Preached April 15, 2018

Acts 3:12-19 and 1 John 3:1-7


A woman was driving toward home in Northern Arizona when she saw a Navajo woman hitchhiking. Because the trip had been long and monotonous, she stops the car and the Navajo woman climbs in. In the course of their small talk, the Navajo woman glances surreptitiously at a brown bag on the front seat between them. “If you’re wondering what’s in the bag,” says the woman, “it’s a bottle of wine.  I got it for my husband.” “The Navajo woman is silent for a while, nods several times and says, “Good trade.”

There are good trades and there are bad trades and then there are notoriously bad trades that never get lived down. Like trading Manhattan Island for a bushel of trinkets. Or trading Babe Ruth to the Yankees. But, hands down THE worst trade off EVER was when a crowd demanded that the life of Jesus be exchanged for the life of a murderer named Barabbas.

It’s Not a Party Without the Wine

Acts 2:1-21

Preached FCCW, June 4, 2017


I have a friend whom I love dearly, despite the fact that she can be kind of a wine snob.

To be fair, that opinion has almost nothing to do with any actual snobbery on her part and everything to do with my own sense of inadequacy when it comes to my lack of sophistication around wine.

She uses words like fruity, oaky, or robust to describe the nuances of what her taste buds are experiencing as she sips a Merlot or a Cabernet.

Meanwhile, the response of my palate is limited to a simple “like/don’t like” reaction.

Commencement Speech

Acts 1:1-11

Preached FCCW on May 28, 2017


The season of High School and College graduations has begun, with the usual pomp and circumstance of caps, gowns, diplomas – and of course, commencement speeches.

From Will Ferrell to the Dalai Lama, Bernie Sanders to Mike Pence, and Oprah Winfrey to Mark Zuckerberg, a smorgasbord of celebrity-status Commencement speakers will be served up on campuses across the nation.