Kitchen Upgrade Program Begun

After much thought and discussion, the Board of Trustees voted to approve upgrading our church kitchen.  As many of you know, the Westminster Board of Health advised us of what upgrades needed to be done in order to bring the kitchen to current code.  With their guidance, we have outlined a scope of work to accomplish this goal that costs $2500.

Phil Burgess has interviewed a local, licensed plumber who has provided a verbal quote of $2000 for labor and some materials.  This individual will take out a permit, have it inspected and reduce his labor rate to help the church on this project.  In addition, a friend and former partner of Phil’s in the electrical and plumbing trades has offered to supply many materials at no cost to the church.

To date, $1700 has been committed to funding this work.  The Board of Trustees now wishes to turn to all in our faith community to ask your help to close the remaining $800 gap.  We see this project not only benefiting us with Yankee Street Fair and the Holly Berry Fair, but a chance to return to a favorite community sharing time:  Church Suppers.

You can contribute by labeling your donation “Kitchen Project” and placing it in the offering plate or dropping it off or mailing it to the Church Office.  Thank you.

Ellen Holmes
Chair, Board of Trustees