Kitchen Update

The Trustees would like to update the church family on the progress with the kitchen project.

First, we want to thank those family and friends who have generously contributed to the kitchen upgrade.  We appreciate all of the contributions as together we work to find a way to get the necessary work done to code.  Without the financial support of our church family, the upgrade would be impossible to undertake.

As happens when this type of project begins, there are challenges that were not foreseen in the scope of work originally designed.  When preparing some piping attachments, it was discovered we needed to correct some prior work in order for the current work to continue.  With the efforts of Dave Baldini and his colleague, this was accomplished, but at an additional cost.  Dave then discovered that we needed to examine the plumbing under the sink in order to install a larger sized internal grease trap.  Before we jackhammer into the concrete, we need to use a camera to look through the pipes to know the depth we’d need to go to make the appropriate connections.  That work is underway.

Because the grease trap replacement was not in our scope of work previously, we are reviewing the costs to get the upgrade back on track for Yankee Street Fair compliance. While we address this challenge, we thank you for your continued thoughts and support for this project.  As a church community, challenges have arisen many times, but the faith and support of this family has been a crucial factor in our accomplishments.

You may still contribute to the upgrade by labeling your donation “Kitchen Project” and placing it in the offering plate or dropping it off or mailing it to the Church Office.

Again, thank you so much for your support.