Every day is Christmas

I used to know this guy who, whenever you asked him how it was going, would come back with the same response – “Every day is Christmas.” I still don’t know exactly what he meant by that. But, what I do know is that I wish every Christmas could be on a Sunday, like it was this year. It seemed like knowing many of us would be gathered to worship – not only on Christmas Eve, but also on Christmas morning – transformed the whole Advent Season. And, in many ways, it was a different Advent. Visits from Mary, Joseph, a Shepherd, and the Inn Keeper on separate Sundays helped transform those characters from
quasi-mythological figures into flesh and blood people caught up in a grand miracle, whose hopes and fears we could relate to in ways that made “Emmanuel: God With Us” come alive as perhaps never before.
Most years, our celebration of Christmas as a community of faith concludes on Christmas Eve. We light candles, sing Silent Night, then blow the candles out and go our separate ways. But, 2016 gifted us with a Sunday Christmas and the rare opportunity to celebrate the Savior’s birth in the light of day. If you were there that morning, you received a simple tea light that had been blessed during the service to take with you as you left. You were invited to bring the tea light to wherever you were going for your Christmas celebration and light it as a symbolic way of sharing the true light – and true Spirit – of Christmas, throughout your day and with whomever you gathered. After all, isn’t that what we are called to do? Not just on December 25th, but every day? To let the Light of Christ be born in us so that it enlightens our world? And if we do that, every day truly can be Christmas.
*If you go to the church Facebook page you will find a post with an image of a burning tea light and an invitation to share how and where you used your tea light on Christmas Day. Just enter your response as a comment to the post. I look forward to hearing from you about your experience.