Confirmands “Share” their Outreach Opportunities


On Sunday, March, 6, 2016 the Christian Outreach Committee will provide an opportunity for the congregation to contribute to One Great Hour of Sharing with an offering during  worship.  In conjunction with this opportunity to “Share,” our confirmands will be at coffee hour to “share” their outreach projects with their church family.  There is information below about each of their projects.  Please come to view their displays in Fellowship Hall at coffee hour which will be hosted by the Christian Outreach and Christian Education Committees.  Donations received from the coffee hour will benefit the confirmands outreach projects.   Thank you.

                       Ava  and the Darien Book Project

Hi, my name is Ava  and I am supporting Darien Books for my confirmation project this year.  Darien Books is a non-profit organization that began after WWII “to promote, peace, understanding, and friendship through the distribution of free books.”  There are so many people who do not have access to books; something we all take for granted.  I have struggled with a language based disability and without the

support and materials that were given to me I would not be able to learn the way I do today.  I feel that learning and the job of reading should be something that is accessible to all.  Darien Books distributes books to libraries, hospitals, prisons, Native Americans, and Appalachian groups in the United States.  Attached you will find a list of books that Darien Books could use.  In addition to book collection I will be raising money to help ship the books around the world, as each box costs about $100 to ship.

There is a collection box in the hall near the office for any book donations.

Thank you for all your support,


Thank you so much for considering a book donation to us. Our books go to learners who have very few or no books.  Each book is used by many people, so we ask that all donations be in good to excellent condition.

These are the kinds of books that we are happy to accept: 

  • Children’s Books: for all ages – preschool through High School, fiction and non-fiction
  • Classics and simplified classics
  • Short Story Collections
  • Poetry
  • English readers and grammar books
  • Teaching methods and materials
  • English as a Second Language books and materials
  • Books in Spanish or French for native speakers in all subjects — children and adult titles
  • Spanish/English and French/English dictionaries
  • Crafts/Home Arts: sewing, cooking, knitting etc.(not needlepoint)
  • DIY books: carpentry, masonry, auto repair etc.
  • Construction/Industrial Arts
  • Health, any and all types
  • Textbooks: High School and College — no more than 5 years old
  • Computer and IT training latest titles only
  • Business, Banking, Finance, Accounting.
  • Agriculture, vegetable gardening, beekeeping, animal husbandry
  • Ecology and environment
  • Reference books: Dictionaries, atlases — no more that 10 years old
  • Art Books
  • Maps

We are not accepting donations of National Geographic at this time.  Check back later to see if this status changes.

  •  Large format coffee table books (except art books)
  • Gourmet cookbooks and diet books
  • Contemporary fiction and non-fiction
  • Textbooks for learning a foreign language (French, Spanish, German etc.)These are the books that WE CANNOT USE:
    • Cardboard cat scratchers
      Trash bags
      Cat Toys
      Paper towels
      Large covered litter boxes
      Wood pellets for litter
      Metal food/water bowls
      Cat cubbies for hiding and sleeping in
      Canned Friskies pate’ style cat food
      Iams adult dry food in the orange bag
      Amazon, Walmart, Petco, Agway Gift Cards

       Any book that has yellowing pages, broken spine, musty smell, underlining etc.

      Michael  and supplies for  A Better Tomorrow Shelter for Cats

      Hi, my name is Michael  and I am supporting A Better Tomorrow Shelter for Cats for my

      confirmation project this year.  A Better Tomorrow  Shelter is a non-profit shelter, that is run by

      volunteers who are committed to the care and well-being of every cat or kitten that is rescued.          There are so many cats that are abandon and dumped off on a street that are young or injured. I

      believe that every cat should have a home and a loving family.  A Better Tomorrow Shelter for Cats rescues cats that are stray, abandon, or unwanted in the Winchendon area.  The shelter relies solely on donations and adoptions.  100% of the donations are spent on caring for the cats.  Below you will find a list of items that the shelter could use.  In addition I will be raising money to help spay/neuter cats that need it.

      There will be a collection box in the hall by the side entrance.  Any donation in the way of a check should be made out to The First Congregational Church of Westminster with A Better Tomorrow Shelter for Cats, in the memo of your check.  For more information, you can visit their website at

      Thank you for all your support,


      Cade  and the Mission Statement and Statement of Faith

    For my project for confirmation, I have decided to equip the hymnals with a copy of the UCC

    Statement of Faith and a copy of First Congregational Church of Westminster’s Mission Statement.  Even though I am not doing a donation, I feel this is an important thing to do.  Everyone should be able to read these statements along with the minister.  The congregation should also have an easily accessible copy of each of these important writings.

     Russell  and School Kits for Homeless Children and Children without Supplies

    My name is Russell Rau.  For my confirmation project, I will be collecting school supplies to be donated to underprivileged children.  All of my collected supplies will be donated to the outreach programs of City Mission of Boston.  My goal is to collect enough supplies to assemble 100 kits of various items.  In completing this project, I hope to provide kids with the tools to continue their education. Thank you.