Church School News

Hi families!

I wanted to take a minute once again to acknowledge our four senior girls, Lissa Hoyt, Jillian Stone, Emma Barry and Vanessa Gallant. It has been my pleasure and honor to get to know them all over this past church school year. They are four lovely girls who are destined to do big things with their lives! They will leave behind a huge gap in our teaching ministry. Come fall we will be looking for teachers for our preschool/kindergarten classroom. If you would like to sign up please feel free to call me or come visit me at church and I can explain more about how that classroom runs. We are looking for volunteers on a rotating basis to make it easier on home schedules, so any donation of your time is much appreciated!

Speaking of donations- our church school is looking for donations of cans of tuna fish and jars of peanut butter. Our on going theme this year has been “actions speak louder than words” and the kids have learned
a lot through their classroom rotations about food scarcity and how it can affect the community as a whole. We have decided to collect items for Children’s Sunday (June 9) and will donate them to the food pantry.
The kids chose tuna and peanut butter because they are good sources of protein and with children getting out of school for the summer break, some of their schoolmates have little to eat at home and need the sources of protein. There is a box labeled in my office and you can drop off donations at any time.

Big things are coming over the summer and into the fall! Stay tuned…….