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Church School What Does it Take to Become a Living Stone? Remember those rocks and stones from the first Sunday of church school this year? Please come to worship on June 10 for Children’s Sunday to find out how those stones have become living stones and how living stones are the foundation of our faith in God. On Children’s Sunday the church school staff assists the children in creating the worship service. It is always a joyous occasion with the children and youth leading and participating in the service. Third graders will receive their Bibles and the children and the staff will be recognized for all that they have accomplished this year. This year the children will be sharing what they have learned about how stones and rocks were used in the bible to illustrate the foundation God has given us. The children will share their heroes in life and in the Bible and what characteristics are important in building a good foundation in faith. They will also share how each of us has qualities of heroes! Chris Bergquist and the choir have prepared special music for this service. Amanda Arsenault and the children have also been working on special music for the service. After the service outside on the lawn if weather permits there will be an ice cream sundae party hosted by the Christian education committee. There will be a rehearsal for the children on Saturday, June 9 at 10:00 followed by a special Agape feast for the church school children and staff hosted by Nancy and Bart Sides from 12:00 to 1:00. Please join the church school children and staff on June 10 for this worship celebration!

A Blast from the Past As I have been sorting and cleaning out 32 years of stuff, I have found posters and banners and pictures from the past. Beginning June 9 through June 24, I plan to display some of these found items in Covenant Hall. Please plan to take a trip down memory lane by stopping by during that time to be reminded of what we have accomplished together over the past 32 years!

It Would Never have Happened Without You! On May 4 after many years, a cleaning was done of the attic above the education wing. It would have never happened without Brett Barnaby and Luke Feldhus. They both contributed many hours to assisting me with sorting and trashing assorted items from many years of collecting stuff! Thank you so much for all of the back breaking work you both gave that day!

Nancy S. Sides