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Hi Families!
As we head into the busy holiday season, I wanted to first take a moment to thank everyone in the
congregation for the continued support that you have all shown me. Having a supportive church family
especially during these “firsts” of mine here at the church have truly been a blessing.
In October the CE committee helped me host a fun fall party for the kids. This event was attended by
children who are already enrolled in our church school program as well as friends of theirs. A few of the
activities the children took part in were traditional harvest party games such as the three legged race and
the donut on a string game, painting pumpkins and making fall colored slime. A big thankyou to the
congregation for their generous donations which helped to support our important church ministry.
The upcoming holidays will be filled with lots of firsts for me this year! In November I am looking forward
to attending my first Advent Workshop here at the church. It is being held on November 25th from
3:30-6 pm. If you have any ideas for workshop activities please sign up on the CE bulletin board outside of
the main office. We will need volunteers to help run the stations as well.
In December we will be having our annual Crèche service on the 16th during our church service. I can also
use volunteers to help the program run smoothly. We will be holding practices for the service during our
regular Sunday school meeting time on December 2nd, and December 9th, as well as an additional dress
rehearsal on Saturday the 15th from 9-11 am. I have heard many great things about this special service and
look forward to my own children creating their first crèche pieces with their new church family.
Have a blessed Thanksgiving,