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Over these first couple of months of 2018, the children in the rotation are focusing on some of the stories about women in the New Testament. During February will be completing the story about Jesus and his encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well followed by exploring the story about Jesus and the woman with the alabaster jar. These stories may not be as familiar but teach important values about how we treat one another. For example, the story of the Woman with the Alabaster Jar is one of the few stories told in all four Gospels. The accounts vary in setting, time, identity of the woman, the action she takes, who objects and how Jesus responds. Nevertheless, her story is a cornerstone of faith. The younger children will continue the Spark curriculum and exploring stories about Jesus as they prepare to learn the true meaning of Easter.
During the 9:15 worship time, we are also exploring prayer. The objective is for the children to get beyond their own desires and look at the difference between needs and wants as well as look beyond the small towns we live in. Amanda Arsenault will continue to work on music and we are in the early stages of planning for Children’s Sunday. Remember those rocks and stones the children brought home at the beginning of the year? They will be returning here sometime in the spring so be sure your child is taking good care of it!
Attendance has been up and down since Christmas due to weather and sickness. Hopefully as the weather improves and the germs disappear there will be more regular attendance in church school this spring. It would be wonderful to have the children at church more consistently! It is helpful to the both the teachers and the workshop leaders and it is more fun for the children when there are more children present. Thank you for encouraging your child to attend as well as your support of the program.


The confirmation class continues their journey in exploring their faith. In January they attended the annual meeting and had a very busy seminar with officers and representatives from all the committees sharing what they do in the church and why they do it. Thank you to all those who gave a couple of hours of their free time to come and share their walk as a disciple of Christ with the confirmands. It is so very interesting to see how each person puts their faith into action through work in the church. The confirmation mission trip is to Worcester this year and is February 2 and 3. The trip is with Reach Out Worcester, a program sponsored by WAMS in partnership with Worcester Fellowship, a UCC church dedicated to ending isolation through pastoral care and nurturing community. Please keep these youth in your prayers as they learn more about the challenges for people less fortunate in the world around us. The confirmands will be beginning project over the next month or two. Thank you for any encouragement and support you can give them as they create ways to put their faith into action by demonstrating care for others.