Bring Vitamins to Church on Mother’s Day

– May 10, 2015 to help the people of Haiti.

Haiti, as all third world countries do, has an exhaustive list of problems. To repair an entire country is way beyond our capabilities. Forward in Health has chosen one rural impoverished area, and has spent their emotional and financial capital to make this corner of the world a better and healthier place. This has resulted in a much improved quality of life for the small community of Fondfred and its neighbors.

The most primary and urgent needs in this and in all of the Third World, are clean water
and better nutrition. The lack of these two things create a whole constellation of illnesses that devastate both the individual and the community. As pressing as these issues are, they are also preventable. Forward in Health has dug a deep well in Fondfred and so, for the first time ever these people have no need, literally in many cases, to drink mud. They have also, over the course of twenty years, completed a medical clinic that has just, this year, been fully equipped and will be staffed by Haitian doctors and nurses.

Now we need to address nutrition. For us it is as simple as a trip to the grocery store. For the average Haitian, especially those living in remote areas, it is much more complicated. Your donation of vitamins may seem like a small offering to you, but the lack of just the Vitamin B’s can cause huge medical problems as diverse as poor fetal development or severe anemia.

I wish all of you could see firsthand how your many offerings are being used. It would make your heart sing!